Sustainability at The Campus

At The Campus we maintain an environmentally friendly approach to everything we do.

We are a pilot facility in developing an Environmental Management System. This means that we are firmly committed to reducing our impact on the environment.

Our building is designed to be highly energy saving by maximising natural ventilation and daylight, using high levels of insulation and solar shading.

We also have a low level of water consumption and our boilers emit low levels of pollution.

Environmental policy

To make sure that we maintain our green credentials, we adhere to our own environmental policy, as listed below.

We will set a high standard and aim to gain recognition for effectively
managing and improving our environmental impact.

We will do this by ensuring that we:

  • think about the environment when making day to day decisions at work and at home
  • promote good practice to our customers and encourage them to work with us - for example, by using the Greener Events Guide
  • support school partners in achieving eco-schools status
  • consider the environment when planning new projects
  • prepare and implement an environmental management action plan as part of an Environmental Management System
  • ensure our building minimises its environmental impact
  • maintain and improve the way in which we manage our waste
  • always use resources efficiently and effectively
  • reduce pollution – particularly air pollution
  • measure and reduce the building’s CO2 emissions
  • comply with all relevant environmental legislation and other requirements
  • monitor, report and review our progress regularly